Monday, October 13, 2008

After Ike on Padre Island

More than 100 miles from Galveston, one of the great fishing piers of the Texas coast, Bob Hall, was closed by Ike's high waters that carried dozens of its 1200-pound concrete slabs hundreds of yards down the beach, and ripped out some of pier railings. But we're told the pier will soon reopen.
It's clear the pelicans had no problem surviving the storm. They jammed the waters at the nearby Packery Channel jetties two weeks after Ike, many diving on schools of fish.
The jetties handle the fans of October fishing here who otherwise might have been seated somewhere along the 1240 feet of the pier. The early fall fishing has been excellent for speckled trout and, shown at Packery Channel in late September: redfish (the photo shows a limit, two people had three each), spanish mackerel, a warsaw grouper and, a little unusual this year, very abundant mangrove snapper.