Sunday, December 30, 2007

Equipment — Don't Buy a Lot!

It isn’t necessary to spend much money at all to catch a fish. In fact, your first fishing trips are a LOT MORE fun when you don’t invest much time OR money – and still have a great time.
What items do you need to catch a fish? Not that many.Here are the FEW things you NEED:

Small tackle box
Nail clipper
Cotton gloves
Assorted size hooks
Small weights (1/4 ounce)
Several plastic floats
Plastic grubs (see “Lures or Live Bait”)
If you’re using bait: Worms or other bait (keep the worms cool)
First aid kit (at least a couple bandages and antiseptic wipe)

Those items above, all inexpensive, would get you through the day at 90 percent of fishing places in North America. If you want to keep and eat any fish, then certainly you need things like a filet knife, ice chest, plastic bags. Possibly you noticed a lure at the tackle counter and you want to see what happens if you use it. Go ahead, try it out! (If money – or lack of it – is a factor, don’t be dazzled by the big claims you see on many products. They ALL claim to be the secret weapon. Just try one, but DO try the inexpensive techniques on the blog here!)

I don't include the net because you probably won't catch a big fish on your first trip, and using a net takes a little experience. For the record, you probably wouldn’t land a large fish without a net. If you’re fortunate enough to hook one, you would end up just trying to lift it in the air or drag it along the water’s edge, and it would wiggle until the line breaks, and it would escape. So consider buying a landing net if you don't want the big one to get away.

You’ll wish you had photos of your first trip, so probably the camera should be on the list.

There is absolutely no limit on how much you can spend for tackle and accessories. After you’ve made a trip or two you can decide if you want to invest in expensive equipment.